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File:City College of San Francisco at Valencia.jpg|thumb|City College of San Francisco, Mission Campus File:"Theory and Science" mural located at San Francisco City College (CCSF) up close detail.jpg|thumb|"Theory and Science" mural located at San Francisco City College (CCSF) up close detail, two 12′ x 8′ tempera frescos painted by Frederick E. Olmsted Jr. in 1941 and restored in 2002, New Deal Agencies: Federal Art Project (FAP) File:Cloudhill.JPG|thumb|right|Science Building atop Cloud Hill as viewed from Ram Plaza (the Quad); a CCSF police car patrols along Cloud Circle. '''City College of San Francisco''', or '''CCSF''', is a two-year community college in San Francisco, California. The Ocean Avenue campus, bordering the Neighborhoods in San Francisco#Sunnyside|Sunnyside, Westwood Park, San Francisco|Westwood Park and Neighborhoods in San Francisco, California|Ingleside neighborhoods, is the college's primary...
MottoThe Truth Shall Make You Free
Image nameCity College SF Seal - Black.png
TypeCommunity College|Public (two-year)
ChancellorSusan E. Lamb
CitySan Francisco
CountryUnited States|USA
CampusUrban area|Urban
Undergrad33,165 [2012]{{cite web|url= |title=California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office - Data Mart | |date= |accessdate=2013-12-03}}
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